Gardening by Skidoo

Late April and there is still enough snow on the ground we need the skidoo to get to the greenhouses to sow the first seeds of the season.

Hang in there!

Its been a month since Covid 19 closed everything down. Are you doing OK? We’ve been busy planning and getting ready for spring.

Spring Thaw

Garden is almost snow free, we will be able to start working the ground soon and getting our first seeds of the spring season in.

River Ice Melt

The ice on the Groundhog River in Fauquier is melting quickly. A few more days and it will all be gone.

End of Season Snowshoeing

The snowshoeing season is quickly coming to an end. Getting out on the trails at the farm for one of the last treks of the season and enjoying a beautiful Northern Sunset.


With an abundance of fresh goats milk and a love for cheese we had a try at making our own Mozzarella for the first time.