First Frost?

A quick walk through the gardens this morning before heading to Chez Pepere to check for frost and damage. All the plants look good just a little frost on the car but that’s it. Made it another day. Can you believe the strawberries are still going??? These are our West Coast Seed Fresca Strawberries. They…

Farmer’s Market – Fauquier

The farmers market opens this saturday we will have the following baked goods available. Located at the skating rink this year.

Gardening by Skidoo

Late April and there is still enough snow on the ground we need the skidoo to get to the greenhouses to sow the first seeds of the season.

Spring Thaw

Garden is almost snow free, we will be able to start working the ground soon and getting our first seeds of the spring season in.


The days are getting noticeably short now its August and the sun has moved further to the south. Evening sunsets in late summer are a brilliant mix of colours here in Northeastern Ontario.

Garden Progress

The garden is coming along nicely! We have some good growth on the corn and the potatoes already.

Settled in

The girls have settled in well. Lucy is especially enjoying the open access between their outdoor enclosure and their stall in the barn.

Spring Scapes

The visual joys and the wild bounty of a Northern Ontario farm.