First Frost?

A quick walk through the gardens this morning before heading to Chez Pepere to check for frost and damage. All the plants look good just a little frost on the car but that’s it. Made it another day. Can you believe the strawberries are still going??? These are our West Coast Seed Fresca Strawberries. They…

Mad squirrel

This little squirrel has been hanging around in the Scotch Pines by the farm house. They are incredibly noisy and seem to have a tremendous amount of fun driving our australian shepherds crazy.

The view from here

Just behind the farm house there is a large hill made entirely of granite, covered in Spruce, Hemlock, Alders, and Saskatoon bushes. Moss, lichen and blueberry covered rocks and magical hidden spaces are scattered throughout. The elevation is high providing lots of views out over the expanse of our property and the landscape beyond in…


We have a bunch of Bunnies temporarily staying at the farm.