Dinners Ready

We have Shepherds Pies, Meat Lasagna, Rosemary Chicken Penne, Chicken Pot Pie, Ham Pot Pie, 1 Tourtiere, Chocolate Banana Bread, Soups, Chilli, and Meat Bolognese Sauce Frozen ready to Reheat or Bake! Large and Small available for all but the Banana Bread 🙂 Shop our Online store at http://www.groundhogriverfarm.ca or click the Shop Now button…

To Weed or Not to Weed

Came home to just a few dandelions growing here on the farm this almost sunny afternoon ….. hmmm i see dandelion jelly, dandelion shampoo bars, dandelion soap, dandelion salad, dandelion tea, dandelion  and burdock kombucha.. . i think i am going to be busy #dandelions #northernontario #naturesmedicine #wildflowers #naturalfarming

Gardening by Skidoo

Late April and there is still enough snow on the ground we need the skidoo to get to the greenhouses to sow the first seeds of the season.

Hang in there!

Its been a month since Covid 19 closed everything down. Are you doing OK? We’ve been busy planning and getting ready for spring.