Spring Fruit Trees and Plant Preorder

Despite the tremendous amount of snow we still have and are expecting, Spring is just around the corner. We are expecting our Fruit trees, and shrubs to start arriving Mid- May just 2 and 1/2 months from now! The demand for plants continues to be high and getting our hands on a good selection of fruits to expand our Orchard and to share with you has been challenging but we are pleased to say that we have managed to pull together an increasingly larger selection and variety of plants. We have even got our hands on some interesting cultivars that are Cold Hardy…. but not Northern Ontario Cold Hardy… and are experimenting with different techniques to figure out the best method suited to each plant so we can share those techniques and plants with you. Some plants will require extreme pruning techniques to keep the trees small so that they benefit from the insulation of deep snow in the winter and are protected from the damaging winds. Others will need to be container grown and carefully overwintered indoors.

Orders can be made in our Online Store and you will receive a notification as soon as your plants are ready for pickup in May. We are also adding Canada – wide shipping to the purchase options available for many of the items in our store and will continue to expand the number and type of items shipped over time. Browse our Spring Fruit list below or head over to our Online Store to see what is available. With the high demand for Fruit trees they go Fast! *We are unable to ship fruit stock to British Columbia

Last year we added Japanese Flowering Quince, Mulberry, Blackberry, and Beautyberry to our Orchard, we will be experimenting with a combination pruning techniques, container growing and winter protection methods to see if we can get these to return each year and begin producing fruit. This year we will be adding American Persimmon, Siberian Peach, Medlar and European Quince varieties. Our Figs produced their very first little fruits last fall and we will have rooted cuttings available this Spring and Fall, these need to be container grown and moved indoors over winter but they are fairly low maintenance.

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