From Field to Plate

The food we serve at our Café – Chez Pepere – in Fauquier is not only homemade from scratch, but in many cases it is also grown right here at Groundhog River Farm or sourced from other local producers in our neighbouring communities. When we first started out with the farm 4 years ago most of the vegetables we grew that we didn’t use ourselves at home were sold at the local farmers market. As we have continued to expand what and how much we are able to grow we have been able to increasingly direct our produce to meeting our needs for preparing the food at the Café which means that more and more of the food you eat when you come to the Café has spent less and less time on the road. The growing number of small farmers and growers in our region is also making it increasingly more feasible to locally source Vegetables and Meat from skilled producers. It is interconnections like this that help to create stability and opportunity in a small community and local economy. We plan to continue to increase the volume and variety of produce we are able to Grow for the Café and Farmers Market, as well as to continue to expand our connections with small local growers and budding farmers. We only have you to Thank for our growing success and we hope to continue to share that with the wider community. Happy Thanksgiving!

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