Fall Colours

Coming over the hill on the way home from the café today we were greeted with the beautiful changing colours of the surrounding forest. I took a walk down to the river before the rain started just to get a better look at the colours on the trees on the other side of the river. This seasonal change of colour on the broad leaf trees really is stunning and normally quite short lived up here. The poplars in our fields are already loosing lots of leaves and their branches are increasingly bare.Soon the willows, dogwoods, viburnums and all the other bushes will follow suit. It will be interesting to see how the view of this landscape changes over the coming decades as our local climate continues to warm. I suspect we will increasingly start to see bright reds and mauves in this fall display as trees such as Maples have more favourable growing conditions further north. At the moment the greater variety of colour comes from the native shrubs and bushes. We have been blessed with a very delayed Fall Frost this season, and in fact the few frosts that we have experienced so far here at the farm have been very mild, only the big leaves on the squash and pumpkins have finished completely because of it. #fallhomesteadshare #summersend #northernontario #fallcolours #fallcolors #autumn #autumnleaves #canadian #canada #ontarioautumn #groundhogriver #groundhogriverfarm #northernontariolife #naturephotography #boreal #ontarioforests

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