First Frost?

A quick walk through the gardens this morning before heading to Chez Pepere to check for frost and damage. All the plants look good just a little frost on the car but that’s it. Made it another day. Can you believe the strawberries are still going??? These are our West Coast Seed Fresca Strawberries. They produce bigger berries than those on the Mignonette Alpine but not half as many individual berries as the Mignonette plants that are about 3 times the size. Both varieties are everbearing that will produce repeatedly through summer and into the fall , the plant pictured is in its first season and has been planted along the borders of the orchard beds and has not been provided any irrigation through the summer, it is about half the size of the Fresca’s from the same seedling batch that are growing in the Garden beds that have received irrigation over the summer, another big difference… the ones in the orchard produced lots of big berries by fall the ones in the garden produced lots of berries that didn’t fully mature it will be interesting to see the difference between the two planting locations in the second year. We have seeds for both in stock on our Online Store , as well as for the small pumpkins “Jack of All Trades” and “Small Sugar”. I was nearly a month late getting these guys in the ground this summer so they are doing awesome!

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