Seedling Availability List

Spring Seedlings

You can reserve your plants now. They will be available for pick up starting Late May/ Early June depending on the plant type.


  • Cucamelon 67 days
  • Excelsior Pickling 65 days from transplant
  • Artist Gherkin 45 days from transplant
  • Tasty Green (Slicing Cucumber ) 65 days
  • Regal (Pickling) 48 days from transplant
  • Summer Dance (English) 45 days from transplant
  • Calypso (Pickling) 48 days from transplant


  • Halona Canataloupe


  • Fingerling Long Purple 60 days from transplant
  • Piccolo 60 days from transplant
  • Black King 58 days from transplant
  • Black Beauty 80 days from transplant


  • Jalapeno 70 days from transplant
  • California Wonder 65-75 days from transplant
  • Orange Bell
  • Fat n’ Sassy Bell
  • Lunch Box small Bell

Potato – “Seed” Potatoes have sold out with all suppliers since early winter the following is a true seed variety that produces red and rose gold potatoes

  • Clancy 110 days from transplant

Pumpkin dates are from transplant, for direct sowing add 2-3 weeks more.

  • Jack of All Trades 100 days
  • Small Sugar 110 days

Squash – dates are from  transplant for direct sowing add 2-3 weeks

  • Festival Acorn 85 days
  • Reno Acorn 70 days*
  • Sunburst  Patty Pans (Yellow) 60 days
  • Total Eclipse Patty Pans ( Green) 45 days
  • Raven Zucchini Green 48 days
  • Ronde De Nice Round Green Zucchini 60 days
  • Uchiki Red Kuri Buttercup 80 days*
  • Victory Butternut 88 days *
  • Delicata 100 days*


  • Early Girl 57 days *
  • Sweet Million Cherry 60-62 days
  • Tumbler Cherry 55 days
  • San Marzano Roma 78-85 days
  • Sub-Artic
  • Roma
  • Yellow Pear (Cherry )
  • Tiny Tom (Cherry)


  • Fresca * Everbearing variety that produces fruit all summer, container or raised bed.
  • Mignonette – large alpine style, should produce berries in first year, everbearing variety produces fruit all summer, container or raised beds.


  • Basil – Genovese
  • Dill – Dukat
  • Lavender – Dwarf Munstead
  • Creeping Thyme


  • Calendula
  • Echinacea – Purple
  • Geranium – Black Velvet Rose
  • Marigolds – Brocade Mix

Coming Soon!

We will have a number of other seedlings and perennial plants including flowers, ornamentals, and a limited quantity of fruiting trees and shrubs available in the coming months and we will post as additional plants come into maturity and we are certain of the quantity available.

Special Requests

It has been another crazy spring thanks to Covid and we were not able to get some of the items we had hoped to have for opening and others have been on backorder for a number of months. If there is something particular you are looking for or would like for next year please feel free to let us know, this includes flowers, seedlings, fruiting trees, shrubs and ornamentals. If we have sufficient requests for specific items we will endeavor to secure seed or plant stock to ensure availability for next year.

A heartfelt Thank you goes out to all of you for reading to the end of the list, Take care and we hope to see you all soon!

Sylvain & Shannon

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