Preparing and first plants in the garden


Things get green pretty fast around here despite the long cold winter, perhaps its the longer days in spring that help get things going so quickly once the snow and frost have melted. The first of our garden beds is ready to be planted. It certainly helps that this spot has been used for a garden in the past it made turning the soil that much easier. There is a decent layer of topsoil here, much deeper than in other places on the property that have not been used as a garden previously. There is a lot of clay in the dirt, every once in awhile a big chunk of green clay comes up, hardly a surprise being located right in the middle of the Northclay belt region. Growing in clay is not ideal but the minerals and nutrients in the soil here will certainly make up for any difficulty we might encounter. We got everything ready to go and planted our potatoes, a crop that grows well in this region. We’ll see how it goes.

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