The view from here

Just behind the farm house there is a large hill made entirely of granite, covered in Spruce, Hemlock, Alders, and Saskatoon bushes. Moss, lichen and blueberry covered rocks and magical hidden spaces are scattered throughout. The elevation is high providing lots of views out over the expanse of our property and the landscape beyond in all directions. It is not the only spot like this on the farm, there is a large hill even more thickly covered with trees further back, and a granite cliff face that looks out over the river. The geographical features of our property have resulted in winding trails and a farm track that leads to a few large open spaces dotted here and there instead of one vast open piece of arable farm land. Our property certainly wouldn’t fit into the traditional idea of a farm with its massive rocky out- cropping’s, deep ravines and gulley’s, swamps, thick forest and not to mention all the clay. I wouldn’t trade it for the finest clear cut, tiled and tilled piece of farming acreage. We are so lucky to have a piece of land to live on and care for that has such a diversity of habitats, wildlife and natural beauty that I wouldn’t change it for anything. There are plenty of open spaces that we can use to farm in a less traditional sense like the one in the picture, you won’t see any large farm equipment apart from a tractor at some point but that is okay. I will take all the stunning views, magical forests, and the winding trails over endless open fields of straight monocropped rows any day, perhaps in a sense, it is an even more traditional type of farm than what we are used to imagining. After all we have everything we need here.

Food for the body and food for the soul.

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